A downloadable game for Windows


In this flashy game with excess glow and weird physics you are a square, yeah and the only objective in your life is to survive the longest against other shapes.

Well I can't take all of the credit in making this game. Apparently Babies made it, Yeah.


   -->  This is you :)

    -->  If you low on health, this is your biggest friend.

    -->  A dumb slow shape flying around

    -->  Dumb but faster
    -->  BIG and FAT
    -->  Have no will to move aka the most annoying one
    -->  Will follow you to your death


You should consider wearing glasses cause the glow might blind you hehe. With excess glow and weird physics I present to you this shitty game, NEON.


MUSIC BY - 8-bit march Twin Musicom - twinmusicom.org


NEON - Windows.zip

Install instructions

Just install the zip file and extract it. Then click on the .exe file to start playing!

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